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Our test team uses a comprehensive methodology when evaluating pillows. This process consists of multiple stages, during which testers lie on the pad and handle it to measure its shape retention, moldability, and conformability. Additional tests evaluate the pillow for temperature control and odor potential, and we also take into account options for weight, firmness, and ease of cleaning. Our picks for the best pillows are hand-picked using testers' scores combined with in-depth research and analysis

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Medical Pillow

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مخدة  مايكروفايبر - مقاس 50*70مخدة  مايكروفايبر - مقاس 50*70
خدادية فايبر ماركة ريلاكسخدادية فايبر ماركة ريلاكس
مخدة فايبر مجوفة من يانسن- مقاس 70*50مخدة فايبر مجوفة من يانسن- مقاس 70*50
مخدة  ميموري فوممخدة  ميموري فوم
مخدة ميموري فوم
Sale priceLE 1,023.00
مخدة  الذاكرة المسطحة.مخدة  الذاكرة المسطحة.
2X1 backrest
مسند ظهر 2*1
Sale priceLE 490.00
مخدة الرقبة
مخدة الرقبة
Sale priceLE 460.00
مقعد رميموري فوم
مقعد رميموري فوم
Sale priceLE 560.00
مفصل الركبة
مفصل الركبة
Sale priceLE 375.00
مخدة  ميموري فوم فلاتمخدة  ميموري فوم فلات
مخدة ميموري فوم حبيباتمخدة ميموري فوم حبيبات

Separate zippers or connected zippers, which is better?

Separate spring mattresses are considered the best, especially if they are from well-known brands famous for the quality of their materials and reliance on treated springs to resist falling. Separate spring mattresses are more suitable for use by two partners, because separate springs do not allow movement and vibration waves to be transmitted from one side of the mattress to the other. Thanks to her freedom and lack of contact with each other.

In contrast to the connected spring mattresses, which, although they deal with weights and loads as a single unit, through which the weight is distributed over the largest possible number of springs, but as a result of their connection to each other, they transmit movement and vibrations from one side of the mattress to another, and thus may cause inconvenience if one of the mattress partners Lots of movement and volatility during sleep.

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